Ice Damming

The Problem

Remember, 90% of all problems in a home are associated with water! Ice damming is a serious problem where melting snow re-freezes at the eave causing a dam. More melting snow accumulates and water has the potential to migrate into the home. Shingles are designed to shed water by overlapping and allowing gravity to pull the water off the roof. With ice damming, the weight of the accumulated ice and snow actually causes the melted snow to move uphill- between the laps of shingles and eventually into the home.

The Cause

Itis the heat escaping into the attic and of the bright sun on those warm winter days that contribute t ice damming. Raking the snow from the eave to remove the problem but the actual source, the heat from the attic onto the roof surface is a major cause. Look around any neighborhood and you’ll see the roof on house covered in snow while another has the snow melting and the roof surface is visible. This lack of adequate insulation significantly contributes to ice damming.

Fix the Problem

I am always suspicious of heat tape laid out on the roof eave as a solution to ice damming- it doesn’t work. Until you improve the insulation and ventilation in the attic, you’ll continue to have problems.

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