Services and Fees

Home Inspection Rate Schedule:

Full residential home inspection for an average sized home
Townhouse condominium
Attached condominium (apartment style)
Radon Screening
Additional furnace, electrical panel, or water heater, each

Hull Home Inspection Services, Inc. will conduct an inspection of the property for the purpose of alerting the client to major deficiencies in the condition of the home and the systems and components installed within it. We use digital photography and thermography technology on all of our inspections.

This inspection is not intended to be technically exhaustive but is based on the inspector’s best judgment to the condition of the premises at the time of the inspection. The inspection does not ensure compliance with any building code, governmental law or regulation of any kind.

The inspection will be of readily accessible and installed systems and components of the home and is limited to observations of apparent conditions existing at the time of the inspection. The guidelines established by the American Society of Home Inspectors in the ASHI “Standards of Practice” will be used as the basis for the inspection. A copy of the standard is provided with the report. The following components and systems are inspected:

Lot and Grounds
Crawl Space
Electrical Plumbing
Air Conditioning
All Living Spaces

2 Responses to “Services and Fees”

  1. Karen O'Connor says:

    Hello. You were recommended to me by Alissa Pawlowski for an inspection on a home I am purchasing (612 Pacific Parkway, Lansing). Do you have availability to perform a home inspection in the very near future (early next week)? I would also be interested in a pest inspection and sewer line, if you perform those as well. Thank you! -Karen

  2. Dena Roberts says:

    Hi Tim,

    I hired you for a couple of home inspections over the years. I’m going to be renting a townhome in DeWitt, and I just checked it out yesterday. One of the bedrooms has a ceiling 3/4 covered in water damage spots. I’m concerned about mold/mildew as I have asthma. The property manager says they’ve addressed the issue and will be painting the ceiling. If I can get the landlord to agree to let me pay for an inspection, is this something you could do? I want to ensure there’s no mold or mildew or other water issues coming from the roof.


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