Thermal Imaging and the Inspection

I use infra-red thermal imaging technology in all of my home inspections. The thermal imaging camera helps me identify insulation problems as well as finding areas of hidden moisture. Thermal images are incorporated in the inspection report along with a digital photograph of the problem.

Thermography has some limitations. All findings must be followed up with either a visual inspection of the area in the attic or with further evaluation using a moisture meter

FLIR1574 FLIR1575

Insulation has fallen down in to the stairwell leaving a large area on the second floor without insulation coverage.

FLIR1898 FLIR1899

Water cools as it evaporates. The purple area indicates the drywall and carpet in a basement are wet from past water intrusion.

FLIR1792 FLIR1793

A leaking air conditioning drain has soaked the carpet in the basement.

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