These case of the melted siding

Reflected sunlight melts siding

It is well known that reflected light from neighboring windows can melt vinyl siding. It has been stated in construction literature that vinyl siding begins to deform at 165°F. I was fortunate to be able to see this phenomenon as it was happening. I was able to document the damage to the siding and the cause of the damage using thermal imaging.

In this case the November sun was reflecting off the neighbor’s second-story window. The image you see is the concentrated energy from the reflecting sun heating the vinyl siding to just over 200° The sun tracks directly across the window pictured below. Not only has the intense heat melted the siding, but it has also shattered the outer pane of glass in this double pane window.

Photography and thermal imaging are beneficial for documenting what you see and in this case determining the cause of the damage. It leaves no question as to what is causing the damage to the exterior of the house.

FLIR0557 FLIR0556

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